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Westlake Ohio-Short Sale Realtor

Westlake Ohio is a wonderful place to live. Yet as desirable as it is, this municipality has not been immune to the powerful market forces pushing down on home prices. For this reason many local home owners need a local Westlake Ohio short sale Realtor to handle the short sale on their home. Selling a home on a short sale is almost opposite from selling it normally. Yet many real estate agents want to approach it the very same way they would an average retail listing. What happens when they do this? Typically nothing. Nothing good anyways.

Some of the very best agents in Westlake Ohio will list a short sale but force their clients to work the short sale them selves. In fact I had an out of town doctor call me who needed to sell his home he had purchased several years ago for nearly $700,000. The home is now worth $500,000 and he owes $620,000 to Chase. He was stuck in a listing with a excellent local retail agent who got a lower offer and then forced this busy out of town owner to negotiate the short sale himself. This agent was looking to make a commission of $15,000 but he couldn’t get off his rear end and get his fingers dirty doing the heavy lifting of short sale negotiation for his client.

One thing I promise: If you work with me I will take care of your home for you. I will handle your Westlake Ohio short sale from beginning to end and serve as a knowledgeable advisor who will get you out of your nasty real estate situation with the least damage to your pocket book and credit report.

Call me (Andy) at 216-324-6637.

Westlake Ohio- Short-Sale-Agent-Help

  • On Columbia Road between Westwood Road and Rose Road is a totem pole carved out of an old pine tree by an artist for the owners of the house it is in front of. Below this pole stands an article about it that was in the local paper.
  • On Crocker Road, Crocker Park is a lifestyle center. It is essentially an outdoor mall with areas for recreation and socializing. The park is based on a small French town-type setting. There are also apartments and offices above some stores and restaurants. Townhouses are located on the southwest corner. The $200 million dollar project was developed by Stark Enterprises and The Carney Foundation.It features restaurants, retailers, residential, and entertainmentThe project also includes office space.
  • Also found in Westlake is Lakewood Country Club, the 6th best private course in Northern Ohio.
  • Located at 1371 is the Clague House Museum. This museum showases the history of Westlake formerly Dover. This house was built in 1876

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