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Your lender wants you to foreclose?

If you listen to Tony Robbins, you might hear him say that every decision anyone makes is based completely on the amount of pain and pleasure that we derive from such a decision and its out comes.

Some individuals may have been programed by our parents or society to have a conscience or to have a bit of compassion.  This programing allows us to feel good about doing something that might not immediately lead to personal gain or to feel bad about not doing such a thing.

In my personal business I am bound by obligation of law to act in the best interest of my clients.  It’s called a fiduciary duty.  Even if advising my client to do something would make me a lot of money verses none at all, if it’s in my clients best interest I am bound to let that client know.

Although behavior appearing to be selfish is common among individuals for all sorts of reasons, good corporate citizens seem to be hard to find these days.  You would think that large mortgage servicers would be bound to act in the best interests of both the mortgage owner/ investors and the clients that they lend to.  However when you follow the money trail it paints a unpleasant picture of greed and corruption that have played a huge part in the massive losses that are raising havoc with our ecomony.

What it comes down to is that in many situations a servicer loses less when homeowners lose there house and investors lose most of their loan.  It’s financial decision to them.  And there is no consience.  See more details below.

Do Mortgage Lenders Make More Money When a Loan Goes into Foreclosure? —

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