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Will the OBAMA spending plan help Cleveland families in need?

Everybody’s is talking about the new Obama spending plan.   Washington has directed approximately 275 Billion Dollars towards assisting Home owners to stay in their homes and find financial assistance in this current economic meltdown.

The hope and intent is to help over NINE MILLION HOUSEHOLDS!  Lets make sure a high percentage of Cleveland households will recieve this much needed help.

The following is a summary for what Clevelanders (and anyone else will need to do or be qualify to receive their bail out:

1.) The owner must live in the home as a primary residence.  This will be verified via your credit report… so no cheating!

2.) You must be able to prove your HARDSHIP with hard documentation.  A written letter from your self with a sob story will probably not suffice.

3.) Your current loan balance cannot exceed $729,750.

Tune in for more on this subject in a couple of days.  Toodlyoo :)



Andy Morris is Real Estate Broker and expert short sale Realtor in North Eastern Ohio.  He offers a helpful 7 part video lesson with tools to assist you in getting out of foreclosure. You can request this here.

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