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Why Northeast OH Short Sales with 3 or more mortgages are difficult

Northeast OH – Are you looking to buy a short sale? Before you make an offer, you need to check and see how many mortgages are on the home.

A short sale with only one mortgage is not that difficult. Even an inexperienced agent can often get these approved and sold.

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A short sale with 2 loans becomes much more difficult. You now have to lenders that have to agree with each other. However, an experienced short sale agent can get the two lenders to agree with each other on the short sale.

However, when you have 3 or more loans and/or liens, everything just becomes way more complicated. Most first mortgages will only give $2,500 to $3,000 a second mortgage on a short sale.

They don’t have any policies in place on what to give a third position mortgage or lien. And that third position lien holder isn’t going to go away for free. Someone is going to have to give them something in return for them releasing their lien.

That third position lender basically has the right to throw a wrench in the works unless they get paid. They can veto the short sale for any reason. They will only go away when they are either paid in full or accept a lower amount.

This is what makes short sales with 3 or more loans so difficult. The first mortgage, second mortgage, and third position lien fight over the available money.

At the end, the first mortgage usually forecloses on the property and the second and third position people get nothing. But, a foreclosure takes a long time and costs money.

At the end of the day, everyone ends up losing more than they would have made if they had simply worked together. This is why we usually avoid short sales with 3 or more mortgages/liens in place.

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