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Why A Northeast OH Short Sale Saves Your Lender Money

Northeast OH – We throw around the statistic that a short sale reduces a lender’s losses by 20% compared to a foreclosure.

However, I am sure that there are many people who find that hard to believe. So today I am going to give you a breakdown of exactly why it happens.

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I will use an real life example. A short sale was listed for sale for $425,000. After a few months, the sellers received an offer for $385,000.

They submitted the short sale package to the lender. The lender didn’t accept the short sale. The home did not sell as a short sale.

The lender started foreclosure proceedings and foreclosed on the home 19 months later. They put it on the market as a bank owned property.

It sold for $230,000. This is a real life example. We have lots of other similar examples. Short sale offers are turned down only to have the home sell for much less after foreclosure.

Let’s go thru the reasons this lender lost so much money.

First off, the real estate market was declining heavily at the time. Home values are still declining even today. So they lost $155,000 in home value decline. Probably half of that loss was because of the declining market.

The other half was because bank owned homes sell for less than owner occupied homes. Why? Because nothing is maintained. The yard isn’t mowed, the house isn’t kept clean, and no pride of ownership shows.

Besides, the sales process for bank owned homes also hurts what they sell for. Last of all, buyers know the home is bank owned and make lowball offers because of it.

They also lost interest income. The home would have sold for $385,000 twenty-one months earlier (17 months foreclosure time plus 2 months to put the home on the market and 2 months to sell.)

$385,000 lent at 4.5% interest earns $17,325 annually. Over 21 months that comes out to $30,318.75. Another big loss.

Plus they had to pay property taxes the entire time the home was on the market. Annual property taxes are $6,521.08. Over 21 months that comes out to $11,411.89.

As you can see, the costs just keep on adding up. I’m sure I am missing other costs. Do you see how a short sale benefits a lender?

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

Andy is a Real Estate Broker at Realty Trust Services. Northeast OH Short Sales Realtor:

Phone: (440) 348-5500.

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