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Three Ways The Big Banks Could Stabilize Housing Prices And Increase Their Profits At The Same Time

Northeast OH – Many Americans are concerned about the housing market. If they housing market continues to decline, then it could drag the entire economy with it. At least that’s what some economists are saying.

We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. So, we decided to propose a solution

Here Are 3 Ways The Big Banks Could Stabilize Housing Prices And Increase Their Profits At The Same Time.

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#1: Approve more Loan Modifications. Every loan modification is one less home that has to be sold as a distress sale. Distress sales are dragging down home prices.

In addition, many loan mods are rejected, only to see the lender lose even more money when the home sells. Here is an example. A homeowners offers to pay their lender an amount equal to a $300,000 mortgage.

That means the homeowner would pay the same as someone borrowing $300,000 to buy a home. The lender rejects their loan mod offer and forecloses on the home. It sells for $200,000.

Don’t kid yourself, this happens every single day. The loan owners lose millions as a result.

#2: Make short sales easier. Yes, short sales do close. But, many don’t. The ones that don’t are usually sold for less money as a foreclosure. An extreme example is a home that received a $380,000 offer as a short sale.

The lender rejected the short sale. The home was foreclosed upon and sold for $230,000. The reason that lenders usually lose more money on foreclosure compared to short sales.

First, most foreclosures are usually left empty for several months. Mold, mildew, and other things make the home undesirable.

Second, most foreclosures are taking 18 months or more. That is a lot of time that a home can sit empty. In addition, interest, attorney fees, unpaid property taxes and other costs are growing each day.

#3: Handle foreclosures better. We have seen many foreclosed homes sit empty for months and months. In one extreme example, a foreclosed home has been sitting empty for over 2 years.

(The picture above is the front of that home.)

In that time period local housing prices have dropped by 20-30%. Interest and property taxes have accrued over those two years.

Here is how banks could do a better job handling foreclosures.

First, put all foreclosures on the market within a week. There are a lot of hungry, aggressive real estate agents that would love to market these properties.

Put them to work getting the homes sold for top dollar as quickly as possible. The typical 2-3 month wait it not acceptable, especially with all the hard working agents available.

Second, maintain the vacant homes. The home pictured above is wide open. The doors are not locked. Anyone can walk right in and vandalize the place.

I have seen profanities spray painted on the walls of vacant, bank owned homes. Think that affects the sale price?

These are just a few ideas. The next time you hear your local banker tell you how they “care”, ask them how their bank is handling the recommendations in this blog post.

To us, a banker telling us about how they supposedly “care” just rings of hypocrisy. And it will ring of hypocrisy as long as these problems continue to hurt homeowners, the housing market, and the American Economy.

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