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Michael Mulloy, Realtor, Bank REO specialist “is knowledgable about going about getting in front of the lender…”

Christopher Greco- “Ocwen actually forgave more than 30,000 in debt.”

Dianna Hill, Trustee– “Upon contacting Andy my worries were completely alleviated.”

K.C. Martin, Broker– “Andy is a wealth of information”

Starlette McCarthey– “Andy has been an answer to prayer”

John Bodman– “went way out of his way to help me buy the house of his dreams.”

Beth Delaney “sold it and completely paid me off.”

Steve T- Elyria “With your knowledge of how the foreclosure and bankruptcy process worked i had a sence of relief”

Keith Blaha-Attorney at law “I recomend Andy to anyone looking to sell their house”

Clinton Smith “You helped us clean our credit and get a loan so we could own our own home.”

Professional recommendations from

Real Estate Broker and Director of Short Sale and Foreclosure Solutions at Realty Corporation of America

“My brother and I hired Andy to find us a bank-owned house fitting the parameters we specified. Andy provided us with a daily email digest of houses as they came on the market, for the type of house we were looking for. When we had a question or wanted to see the house, he quickly replied with the answer or setup a showing. Besides being extremely reliable and service orientated, he is a heck of a nice guy! I would highly recommend Andy!” April 28, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Robert Krane
hired Andy as a Real Estate Agent in 2006

“Andy is the kind of person I aspire to be! Honest, creative, up to date with technology and extremely business savy! Andy is the kind of person who loves to help others! I am so proud of Andy for obtaining his Broker’s license and feel blessed to have such a great guy on the Realty Corp team! I look forward to working with Andy throughout the rest of my real estate career!” April 13, 2009

Sarah Brewer , Director of Business Development/Realtor , Realty Corporation of America
worked directly with Andy at Realty Corporation of America

“I have known Andy for years as a Realtor and Real Estate Investor. He is very knowledgeable about his craft. He brings honesty, Integrity and a common sense approach to Real Estate and solutions to your Real Estate needs. I consider him to be a man of character.” April 8, 2009

Pete Formica , Realtor , Keller Williams Realty
was with another company when working with Andy at Realty Corporation of America

“Andy is a creative and customer oriented Real Estate Professional who can and does go the extra mile to deliver positive outcomes for his clients. One simple example of his dedication to clients is Andy’s early and continued use of OnlyOne service (now iTELConnect) to assure that clients have optimal access to his expertise, and rapid responses if they ever need to leave Andy a message. I recommend Andy without reservation to all who have need of Real Estate services!” April 7, 2009

Cliff Obrock , Bd of Dir., Local Partner , OnlyOne
was with another company when working with Andy at Realty Corporation of America

“I have worked with Andy on several different real estate transactions. He really is well versed in his field and is a pleasure to work with. His integrity, honesty, knowledge, and attention to his clients needs are all key components of his value system.” April 6, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Marty Eynon
hired Andy as a Real Estate Agent in 2004 , and hired Andy more than once

“I’m delighted to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr. Andy Morris! Andy is one of the most talented, creative and hard working members of Realty Corporation of America. Andy has tremendous knowledge of “short sales” and how to assist individuals resolve tough situations. I have recommended many friends and clients to Andy and — in every case — has done a great job and delivered exceptional results! Contact me anytime at if you’d like any additional information!” April 5, 2009

tony viola , President , Realty Corporation of America
managed Andy at Realty Corporation of America

Real Estate Purchaser at Attainhome, LLC

“If you are reading this to learn more about Andy Morris, look no further. I can tell you that I have been involved in business dealings with Andy for almost a decade! There is no one with more integrety than Andy. He is a super person all of the way around, not only in his business life, but his personal life too. I know a vast number of people in the real estate and construction industry, and any time the name Andy Morris comes up, people do nothing but sing his praises. Aside from discussing his character, Andy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate and foreclosures. I have bought and sold more than 200 properties over the past 14 years, and I still learn new approaches to deal making after having a power lunch with him. I know there are a lot of choices you have when choosing a professional licensed real estate broker, but I would not make a final choice until you have at least a phone call with Andy. Sincerely, Rob Gillespie” April 7, 2009

Rob Gillespie , Owner , Quick Finish Improvements
was with another company when working with Andy at Attainhome, LLC

Sent to me via email by an agent representing a buyer for a short sale listing I have:

Rebecca L. Novak

to Andy

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Follow up message

Thnks for the update!! You have been BY FAR the most communicative short sale agent ever! That means a lot to me and my clients! I wll pass it on!

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