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Get Foreclosure Help From the Cleveland Fed?

I’m no fan of the Federal Reserve Bank. This institution in my mind is at least partially responsible for many of the financial problems we have today. However if they offer to help burdened consumers to the level that they follow through I am all for that. Not to mention that a privately owned company with nearly total authority over our economy with little accountability is always a bad thing. Especially if they control the economy that you live and work in. . . . → Read More: Get Foreclosure Help From the Cleveland Fed?

Audit the Federal Reserve

Is our money system a house of cards? We need to audit the Federal Rserve because I won't be able to sell this house on a short sale.

I have watched everything happening in our economy.  I don’t have our economy all figured out.  I can say that it appears the U.S.A. . . . → Read More: Audit the Federal Reserve