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Short sales compared to existing home sales: Chart

This is an interesting chart for any one interested in short sales.  The orange line is represents existing home sales per month since 2007.  The blue line represents the percentage of all distressed properties that are short sales at each point.  Distressed properties are defined as properties with mortgages that are 90 days or more delinquent and properties that are already foreclosed.

You can see that as existing home sales rose so did short sales as a percentage of distressed sales.  With out seeing a chart like this I wouldn’t have thought up the correlation.  If anything this chart could indicate that short sales drive our current market.

It’s time for real estate agents to accept this and to master both sides of representing clients in a short sale transaction.  Short sales are a reality and common place in today’s market yet most agents wish they didn’t exist instead of embracing them as a fixture and choosing to be experts at helping their buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of a successful short sale.

Realty Trust Services has chosen to embrace today’s market.  We have created education for our clients and potential clients right on this website.  We have an industry leading Your Short Sale On Time Guarantee and we provide expert advice and timely resources to our short sale listing clients as they work through a process to bring a solution to something that is very stressful to them.

Short Sales as a Percentage US Homes Sales

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