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Why is Lakewood Ohio Such a Great Place to live in? Here are some of the reasons why

  • The Old House Magazine chose Lakewood as the best city in the Midwest to buy a house.
  • Scene Magazine rated Lakewood the best city to live in for 2006.
  • Lakewood’s Gold Coast, along Edgewater Drive, is a densely populated row of luxury high-rise apartment and condominium buildings.
  • Lakewood Park is one of the largest lakefront parks in Ohio and features a live concert stage, outdoor swimming pool, picnic pavilions, baseball, volleyball, and a skate park.
  • Lakewood Public Library has won numerous awards and has two branches: the main branch on Detroit Avenue and a smaller branch on Madison Avenue. The Lakewood Library is normally ranked one of the top 5 libraries in the USA for its size on a regular basis.
  • The Beck Center for the Arts is the largest cultural arts center in Northeast Ohio and showcases numerous theatrical productions, concerts, events, activities and art shows.
  • Madison Village, an area in southeast Lakewood that consists of art and record stores, and has a progressive, or counterculture atmosphere.
  • Lakewood houses 4 art galleries: Bela Dubby (art gallery and coffeehouse), The Pop Shop Gallery & Studio, the Local Girl Gallery and the Wobblefoot Gallery.
  • According to the Free Times and the Plain Dealer, Lakewood has the highest concentration of vegetarians and vegans in Northeast Ohio. Nature’s Bin, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is one of the largest health food stores on the west side of Cleveland.
  • Lakewood is also home to the district headquarters of Congressman and former Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich.
  • Lakewood boasts a very popular bar scene up and down both Madison Avenue and Detroit Avenue.
  • Historical housing throughout the city and an active historical society are the norm in Lakewood. The ‘Make Lakewood Beautiful’ program involves contests in which residents compete to make their home look and resemble its original design and architecture and awards are given to several homeowners each year. The city offers tours of the most famous homes in the spring, summer, and fall with an emphasis on the masterpieces along Lake Avenue.
  • The eastern edge of Lakewood blends smoothly with Cleveland’s Edgewater neighborhood to create a culturally diverse district that comprises two cities, known as “The Edge: Two Cities, One Neighborhood”.
  • Birdtown is a well-known 8-street residential district on the southeast side of the city that was built specifically for the workers of the nearby Union Carbide company in the 1890s. The houses are distinctive and most of the streets are named after birds. Birdtown was recently designated a National Register Historic District. Located adjacent to Madison Park, the former Union Carbide factory, and the W. 117th St. Rapid Transit Station.
  • Lakewood, while populated at under 60,000 residents, is home to a large number of media outlets including no less than three weekly newspapers and a handful of devoted websites. The most notable include the independent community site, The Lakewood Sun, The Lakewood Observer, and Lakewood Times.
  • The City of Lakewood has one of the highest recycling rates in all of Ohio. City employees can be seen all days of the week riding around Lakewood in their mini-vehicles picking up curbside recyclables. In addition, Lakewood provides its own water, sewer, and trash removal, something almost absent amongst the rest of Cuyahoga County.
  • Lakewood is home to the nation’s first high school Rock Orchestra called the Lakewood Project. The Lakewood Project uses a double quartet of electric instruments, a substantial acoustic section, and a rhythm section. Performances have been held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and House of Blues Cleveland and Lakewood High School’s Civic Auditorium. The Lakewood Project performs at Lakewood Park on the fourth of July every year.

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