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Short sale agent for bay village ohio

Short Sale Agent for Bay Village Ohio
On July 20, 1901, Bay Township split from Dover Township because of squabbles over the spending of tax revenues. They took the railroad with it after a lawsuit decided by the Ohio Supreme Court. Bay became the Hamlet of Bay and operated like a township with trustees as a governing body. On March 10, 1903, the trustees of the Hamlet of Bay made application to the state to be incorporated into the Village of Bay. A village government election was held at the Oviatt Manufacturing Company building on April 6, 1903. Reuben Osborn was elected mayor. In 1948 a charter commission was elected and in 1949 the present charter was developed and became effective January 1, 1950. At the same time Bay Village became a city, having been certified as having 6,917 residents as of 1950. A very spirited election was held to name the new city and the winning name was “City of Bay Village”.

The city continued to grow. In 1914 a city hall was erected. In 1922 the Parkview School was built. Today it houses the Bay Middle School and plans are underway to build a new middle school on the same site. Other schools followed as the population increased.

The first library was in the Cahoon home in 1921 and was called the Dover by the Lake Library. The current library building was completed in 1981 and updated in 1997. The library now operates as part of the Cuyahoga County public library system.

The community is protected by a fine fire department housed in a building built in 1973 on Wolf Road. The city plans to erect a new police station adjacent to the fire station by 2003.

Today, Bay Village is a community of more than 16,000 individuals living in more than 6,200 homes. Like those who have gone before, they enjoy the city’s beauty, bounty and tranquility.

Joseph Cahoon’s granddaughter, Ida Maria Cahoon, who never married, was the last living relative. When she died in 1917, she left the house and 115 acres to the new city of Bay Village, with the stipulation that the home be forever maintained as a library or museum. That land is now Cahoon Memorial Park.

John Huntington, one of the original partners in the Standard Oil Company, built a summer estate in 1880 on 100 acres of land, now known as Huntington Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks System. The park features the only public beach between Cleveland and Lorain, as well as the Huntington Playhouse, Baycrafters and Lake Erie Nature and Science Center.

An electric railway was built through the city about 1896. It ran from Cleveland to Toledo. Area residents built summer cottages in the city, many of which still stand today as refurbished family homes.

Besides the electric railway, the New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad ran tracks through the area in 1882. The Dover railroad station and nearby store were the center of activity for many years. In 1963, the old station was moved to Huntington Reservation where it became part of the Baycrafters art shops.

Washington Lawrence, one of the founders of Union Carbide Corp., in 1895 began the construction of a large home on the lake in Bay Village. Across the street Lawrence constructed one of the first golf courses in the nation. Family members lived in the house until 1948, when it became the Bay View Hospital, operated by the Sheppard family. Today it is part of the Cashelmara condominium complex.

Bay was once a favorite drop-off point for rum runners during the prohibition era. There were underground tunnels running from the lakefront to nearby basements.

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