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Realty Trust Services, Andrew W Morris announces his new Home Retention Consultant certification by Titanium Solutions.

Andrew Morris of Realty Trust Services has recently become an official Home Retention Consultant (HRC) with Titanium Solutions Inc. To become an HRC it is required that an agent go through a rigorous application process and be specifically trained on short sales and solutions to keep people in their homes.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Titanium Solutions is the premier provider of home retention consulting services in the mortgage industry. Titanium partners with mortgage servicers to re-establish communication with homeowners in default and educate them on the alternatives to foreclosure. Titanium’s ultimate goal is to put the homeowner back in communication with their mortgage servicer to find a way to avoid foreclosure.

“I’ve always looked for a way to find a solution for people in difficult situations. So that they can keep their home if that is what they want and need… or to sell it.” Says Andrew. “Being an HRC aligns with my goal to help as many homeowners as possible stop foreclosure… We are seeing people being offered chances to get their home back even after the foreclosure process is completed thanks to our special partnerships with Freddie Mac…”

Andrew has been in the real estate industry full time since 2000 during that time has been active in finding solutions both for home buyers and home sellers. He has been licensed as an agent since 2004 and licensed as a real estate broker since 2008. He currently specializes in negotiating short sales on behalf of his clients to assisting them in stopping foreclosure on their homes and to give them a new start. If you are an Ohio homeowner in need of help call him directly at 888-4-STOP-IT. Stop foreclosure today!

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