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Northeast OH Short Sales: The Short Sale Process from beginning to end

Northeast OH – The short sale process can vary, but it will generally work as follows:

1) The lender is contacted to discuss the possibility of a short sale and to determine the lender’s process for completing the sale.

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2) The seller issues a letter authorizing the release of personal information about the loan and the property to the buyer or escrow agency.

3) The lender will review a settlement statement, which will indicate the proposed selling price, remaining loan balances and itemize all expenses, including real estate commissions and other fees and expenses associated with the closing.

4) The seller will complete a “hardship letter,” which will detail and explain all financial difficulties. Lenders will usually want to validate the seller’s financial situation by looking at bank statements, investment accounts, along with examining paystubs and other financial records.

5) The lender will then look to the broker to provide a price opinion by examining the condition of the house and the market value of comparable properties.

6) The lender will then want to scrutinize the purchase agreement to determine if all amounts are reasonable and the real estate commission is acceptable.

To get the lenders approval, first of all write a letter to him about your hardships, backing it up with substantial proof of your financial situation. The next step would be to place the offer.

It would help your case if you get your real estate agent to convince the lender that the price of the property has not been ridiculously lowered.

The last step would be to have detailed pictures and a map of the house, showing details of any repair work if required to be done.

Once the lender approves, the deal is ready to be closed. The buyer can then make out payment to your real estate agent, lawyer or short sale expert who helped negotiate the short sale.

The remainder of the funds is then diverted to paying off your mortgage. In case you are a buyer and are interested in buying a short sale property then you might get enticed at the low prices for a property in a high priced neighborhood.

However, it is better to take caution and not jump at the opportunity. First of all it would be advisable to suggest to your real estate agent to make enquiries with the listing agent and ensure that the property is a short sale one.

Before taking the leap hire an agent who has experience in short sale. Next, it is essential that your agent find out how much the seller owes the lender, who is in the title and whether a foreclosure notice has been filed.

Although the seller might have approved your offer, no deal can be made until the lender has approved.

Have a copy of your earnest money deposit sent to the lender and additionally the lender also might want to know if you are pre-approved and have your own loan available.

Most likely the lender will directly negotiate the commission with your listing broker since he is losing money. The deal will be finalized at this point. Thinking about a short sale?

I can help you short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny. Send me an e-mail at I will contact you for a free consultation.

When we talk, I will explain how the process works in detail and answer any questions you may have. Or, if you prefer, you can call me at (440) 348-5500

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