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Northeast OH Short Sale: Why Does A HELOC Get Zero From Foreclosure


Northeast OH – After yesterday’s blog post, I am sure that some people were wondering why a HELOC gets zero from a foreclosure. Let me explain why.

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When a property is foreclosed upon, it is auctioned on the courthouse steps. Let me give you a scenario where a homeowner owes the following on the property.

First Mortgage is owed $200,000.

Second Mortgage is owed $40,000.

There is a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) that is owed $100,000. (The home increased in value to $400,000 and a lender agreed to grant the loan.)

So a total of $340,000 is owed on the property. Now, what if it only sells for $150,000 on the courthouse steps. Who gets that $150,000?

The first mortgage does. The second mortgage wouldn’t get a dime unless the property sold on the courthouse steps for more than $200,000. The HELOC wouldn’t get any money unless it sold for more than $240,000.

This is why a second mortgage gets so little money from a foreclosure. Historically, second mortgages were loaned for the top 20% of the property value. The lower 80% was the first mortgage.

In most cases, the attorney fees, foreclosure costs, delinquent property taxes, and other fees would bring the first mortgage’s total up to around 100% of the property value.

This is why in most cases a second mortgage rarely gets any money from a foreclosure. Of course there are other variables that can change things, but this is how it usually works.

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