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Northeast OH Short Sale: Sick Of Your Loan Mod Taking Forever? Why Not Contact Congress?

Northeast OH – We recently send everyone in congress a fax about a certain large bank. They had done a lousy job on a short sale file. We waited 90 days for an answer on an offer.

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The buyer got impatient and walked. Fortunately we had a backup buyer. Instead of using the BPO that Freddie Mac paid for and reviewing the new offer, the negotiator closed the file.

Freddie Mac, the owner of the loan, stands to lose $75 spent on the BPO and 90 days worth of interest. We estimate Freddie’s loss over the delay to be around $1,249.

Rather than just sit here and take abuse, we decided to stand up for ourselves. We found the entire list of fax numbers for congress, typed up a fax, and sent it out.

If you loan mod is taking too long, then fax everyone in congress. Most many loans are federally insured or guaranteed. Examples are loans owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or insured by FHA, VA, and USDA.

Uncle Sam is the backstop for a huge percentage of American Home Loans. That leaves these banks and servicers open to huge liability.

If they mess up on a federally owned or insured mortgage, they are causing Uncle Sam to lose money. Send a fax and contact your congressperson and/or senators and let them know what is happening.

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