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Northeast OH Short Sale Q & A: Can This Seller Short Sale?


Northeast OH – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Aaron. Here was his question.

“I recently purchased another home and make a good living. However, I can’t afford to pay both mortgages.

(The house won’t rent for half of the current payment.) An agent told me that the house is worth about $50K less than the mortgage amount.

Is it realistic for me to try the short sale? The only hardship was created when I decided to move to a larger home to accommodate his family. Jan.”

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Here was our answer to Aaron’s Question. I think you can short sale. In our experience short sale negotiators do not spend hours going thru every single document in a short sale file.

Most negotiators have 100-200 short sale files on their desk at any given time. One manager in a short sale department said that a negotiator spends less than 2-3 hours on a short sale file.

In our opinion, I think they glance at the hardship letter, if they even read it at all. Their job is to simply make sure the home isn’t being sold to cheap.

Here is one other reason we think that you can short sale. We have heard stories of wealthy people short selling their investment properties.

These people have lots of disposable income, but their lenders are still approving their short sales. Your lender may not work with you until you have missed a payment or two.

Try the short sale before you miss a payment. Whether or not you go late is up to you. If you do decide to short sale, contact us and we will put you in touch with an experienced short sale agent in your area.

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