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Northeast OH Short Sales: Do the Problems In Greece Affect Us?

Northeast OH – The Greeks are finding themselves in hot water. They have maxed out their credit.

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The government borrowed money and is having a hard time paying it back today. Here is what most people don’t understand about how a national economy works.

When the government reduces interest rates to boost the economy and spending, they are actually only acting as a co-signer on the loan. Here is a real life comparison.

Let’s say a wealthy person has lots of kids. I’ll call him Mr. Wealthy. To boost his kid’s economic activity he lends them money at 1% interest.

However, because he has so many kids, pretty soon he has lent all of his own money. So he starts borrowing money from someone else at 6%.

Pretty soon he has maxed out his credit. In addition, he is also paying the difference in interest payments between 1% and 6% each month. That difference is almost ready to eat up his remaining savings. After he runs out of money; he’ll be broke. Let me ask you a question?

How much longer will his kids be able to enjoy below market 1% interest rates? It doesn’t sound like much longer to me.

This is what happens when a government with a good credit rating borrows money and re-lends it to citizens for below market interest rates.

It sounds to me like Greece borrowed a lot of money from foreigners and is now having a hard time repaying the debt. A bailout from Germany, the EU, and the IMF hasn’t stopped their problems yet.

And it doesn’t look like it will be anything other than a short term band-aid. Many say that when Greece does default it will send shock waves thru the global economy.

Who really knows? Either way, it is still a good idea to get rid of upside down debt with a short sale. Thinking about a short sale?

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

Andy is a Real Estate Broker at Realty Trust Services.

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