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Northeast OH Short Sale Q & A: The Second Mortgage Wants More Than The First Mortgage Will Give Them

Northeast OH – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Aggie. Here was Aggie’s Question.

“We received a short sale approval on the 1st. They will only pay the second mortgage $3,000. The problem is that the second mortgage wants $5,500.

We are arguing back and forth with the second mortgage. The negotiator there said management decided they won’t take less.

I told her the final decision should come from the investors not from management. Any help greatly appreciated. Aggie.”

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Here is the answer to Aggie’s Question. It sounds like the first is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. They will only pay $3,000 to the second.

To get the 2nd to take less money, you have to escalate the file. Contact the CEO, ask for a supervisor, etc. When you talk to the supervisor remind them they will get zero thru a foreclosure.

Now, you will need more bargaining power than a simple “reminder.” How close is the first to foreclosing? If they are close, just play chicken.

Tell the negotiator that if the first forecloses and they lose everything, then you will be in contact with the CEO to let them know. Another tactic is to tell them the first is Fannie Mae and that is the most they will pay.

If you stay firm, refuse to take less, sell them on why they should approve the short sale on your terms, and threaten to contact the loan owner directly, then they will usually budge. We have gotten lenders to agree to lots of stuff by staying firm and refusing to back down.

But at the same time we stand firm we also go on the offensive. “If you don’t approve this short sale and as a result you lose more money, then we will contact the loan owner, your stockholders, and the press”, we tell them.


This business requires sales skills. Use your sales skills to sell the people at the lenders on approving the short sale. Thinking about a short sale?

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

Andy is a Real Estate Broker at Realty Trust Services.

Phone: (440) 348-5500.

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