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Northeast OH Short Sale Myth: The bank wants a deficiency on the short sale so I can get out of it by letting them foreclose

Northeast OH – Most people short selling their home do not want to repay the deficiency. And in most cases, the lender allows them to walk away with no deficiency.

But, that is not always the case. Some banks are very pushy when it comes to the deficiency. They won’t approve the short sale unless the borrower accepts a deficiency.

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Some home sellers have told the Stop Foreclosure Institute that if the lender won’t approve the short sale without a deficiency, then they will simply allow them to foreclose on the property.

This seems like a good strategy on the surface. But, it could end up costing a homeowner even more money in the long run.

That is because the homeowner loses control over the condition of the home when it is on the market. They aren’t able to maintain the home and keep it up.

Most homes that have been foreclosed on are abandoned by the lenders. Sure, they “winterize” the homes. But, they don’t do anything to keep the homes in tip top showing condition.

This causes most bank owned homes to sell for less money. Here is something else that will cause you home to sell for less money. The buyers aren’t willing to pay as much.

Buyers know when a home for sale is bank owned. What do you think pops into them mind when they see that? “I can buy it for a steal”, they think to themselves.

This causes bank owned homes to sell for less. And if it sells for less money, then the bank will come looking for a larger deficiency payment.

This is why a short sale is usually better for you versus letting the bank foreclose and then sell the house.

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

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