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Northeast OH Loan Mod Help: How To Reduce Your Payments Without A Loan Modification


Northeast OH – If you’re trying to get a loan modification, then you have think like a banker. How you present your finances is the key to success.

You’ve got to show them an income that’s not too high and not too low. If you show them too low of an income, they’re going to go “Oh, this guy can’t afford his house payment.

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If we reduce his payment to $800, he won’t even be able to afford it anyway so what’s the point in reducing it? Before, he thought he could pay $1,200 a month. He can’t even pay the $800 a month that’s he’s asking for today. He’s not making enough money, based on our ratios, to be able to afford it.”

Here’s what happens if your income is too high. Let’s say your payment is only $1,000 a month and you’re making $4,000, $5,000, or $6,000 a month. They will say “What’s up with this? This guy’s making a ton of money. Why are we going to reduce his payment?”

So you’ve got to make sure your income and your budget is in that middle range. Look at your recent income history.

Maybe you can pull the most recent month. If it shows the right numbers use it. Or, pull from a longer period. Use the last three months or the last six months worth of income. Maybe even use

You want to be able to demonstrate that you’re making enough money to afford that payment, but not making so much money that they will charge you more.

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