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Northeast OH Short Sales: How To Negotiate Away Promissory Notes

Northeast OH – If your loan has Private Mortgage Insurance, also known as PMI, then there is a high likelihood that they will request that you sign a promissory note.

Today’s blog post talks about how to convince the lender to waive it.

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PMI companies are notorious for asking for promissory notes. The reason they ask for them so much is because there is no risk in doing so.

If the home is foreclosed upon, then they will have to pay a claim for the loss. If the home is sold as a short sale, then they will have to pay a claim for the loss. Either way, they have the same result.

But, if they get a promissory note, then they get some money to help cover the claim. Either way, there is no risk to them.

All that you have to do to avoid the PMI promissory note is show the PMI negotiator that the seller has no assets and does not have the ability to pay a promissory note.

You want to speak directly with the PMI negotiator. If you must, then escalate the file to a supervisor.

When they see the seller has no assets, they will still push for a promissory note. You have to hold firm and sometimes even threaten to go to the press.

If you have made a good case and talked to the right people, then they will usually waive the promissory note. Thinking about a short sale?

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