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Merry Christmas from our Family!

I haven’t really posted to this blog in the last week and a half. It seems like there are fewer lights out… not sure if I am right about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we are all a little less jolly. I wrote the following on a Christmas Card:

“It’s that time of year again. Tinsel and holly. But with all of the busyness we have to try extra hard to act as if we are jolly.

Certainly as we parent the little ones we learn lessons for our selves in how to “be thankful in all things” as we seek to teach them important life habits.”

We wish you a wonderful Holiday season! – click to enlarge

Things may be difficult or seem like they aren’t perfect. Or they might be great but you are so busy you don’t know it. Either way it’s important to take some time to reflect one what is good and what you are thankful for. The following video was our attempt at this. Enjoy!

Push the four arrows button on the control bar to maximize… :)

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