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Looking for versatile Filipino worker. Excellent English language skills required.

Who is a Realty Trust Services?

  • We sell houses and real estate related products and services in the Cleveland Metro area of the state of Ohio in the USA. We are rapidly expanding and are looking for problem solving and motivated assistants that can complete necessary tasks in a timely manner.

Mandatory skill requirements:

  • -Excellent spoken and written English
  • -Advanced typing skills
  • -Ability to work through many tasks one at a time to complete a project.

Experience in the following areas will be looked at positively but are not required:

  • -Graphics editing with GIMP or photoshop
  • -Experience doing internet research and creating organized summaries of your reports
  • -Video Editing in Sony Vegas, Macromedia or even Windows Movie Maker

You must have the following minimum physical resources:

  • -Modern computer (Min 1gb memory 1.6Ghz processor Windows XP or Vista- 2gb of ram and 3Ghz single or multi core processor would be ideal)
  • -High speed internet connection capable of reliable VOIP service and sending/ receiving large files (150k per second download 60k per second minimum upload- the faster the better)
  • -USB or headset or other similar device to facilitate good VOIP connection
  • -If your home internet service is not working I expect you to be able to make use of an internet cafe or other internet connection to be available during the agreed working hours.

Requirements and expectations of the job:

  • -Time worked- I expect you to be working and be available to web chat or phone communication 40 hours a week. I want you to work and to be available by Google voice chat during the following hours Monday through Friday. 8AM – NOON GMT-5 (or 8PM to MIDNIGHT Philippines time). We will mutually agree when you work the other 4 hours of daily time. It is expected that you would stick to a pre-agreed weekly schedule that is only deviated from with by previous arrangement.
  • -Work from home or any environment of your choice that allows you to be highly productive
  • -You must follow directions exactly without deviation. If you believe it is necessary that you deviate you must always note any deviations in daily summary.
  • -I require a daily summary of your use of time. Keep an email window open during the day and note every completed task, phone call in or out, research project and a time estimate for each item. You would email me the summary at the end of the day.
  • -Send me a bill and summary for your time so that you can get paid on the 15th and 30th of each month 2 business days in advance of when you want me to send payment.
  • -You will be expected to work from an online project management portal and update the task lists there. There will be daily tasks to do every day. There will be long term projects for you to move forward. There will be unplanned items that I give to you that need immediate completion.

What do we provide?

  • -Pay starts at 14400 PHP for full-time work paid by Xoom in two payments per month.
  • -I include training and will give feedback and evaluation of your performance. Training of specific real estate related tasks will typically be via web video.
  • -I will provide a project management porthole for the managing and sharing of tasks.
  • -We will have a VOIP meeting via Google chat once a week
  • -As needed I will provide you with your own local e-fax number and local voice over IP number in Cleveland Ohio USA.
  • -I will provide you with a Google hosted email address and work related Google account that belongs to us but is for your use.
  • -I will provide you with IP proxy services and other resources necessary to do your job. If you need specific resources please ask about how we can provide those so that you can be an effective worker.

I try to make my expectations very clear and expect my employees to be clear about their needs and expectations as well. The following things may result in job termination:

  • -NO CALL NO SHOW- I have critical services that I provide to my clients. The very value of the service that you provide to me is in the timeliness of showing up and being available, working on tasks assigned and giving immediate feedback if something isn’t working.
  • -NO TIME ACCOUNTING- Your daily summary is an integral part of my training you. I use this so that I can evaluate your performance and give you daily feedback so that you can be more successful. Daily time accounting is the only way that I can supervise you effectively without you being at my office.
  • -Intellectual property- Any accounts that you create for Realty Trust Services or as part of the job, belong to Realty Trust Services. Any creative works (i.e. blog posts, transcriptions, articles, videos, audio’s, programming, scripting, etc) done for Realty Trust Services belong to Realty Trust Services. Any kind of repurposing the content works for someone else or something else or putting it on your own sites, or selling it to someone else without permission is grounds for dismissal.

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