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Hardship is key in successful Bay Village Ohio short sale

There are 4 factors I look at when prequalifying someone for a Bay Village short sale (or North Eastern Ohio short sale):

  1. Upside down- Do you owe more than a market value will net after all expenses are paid?
  2. Hardship- Was there specific life events or happenings that are causing you to be in default or not to be able to afford home?
  3. In default or will be- Are you in default or will you soon be in default?
  4. Can’t afford home- Could you afford your home if you wanted to?

Ultimately a successful Bay Village Ohio short sale is all about hardship.  When someone calls me looking for help on a short sale my questions are going to revolve around their hardship.  What caused it.  Why do you want or need to sell… etc.

Strategic defaults and strategic short sales are hot topics in the media and online.  A strategic short sale is when a seller who could easily continue to make payments and chooses not too… normally as a business or financial planning strategy.  I wrote an article commenting on the ethics of a strategic default several weeks ago.  Suffice it to say that I believe that it is not my job judge any specific sellers ethics in making excellent financial decisions for his or her family.

However be advised that hardship is key in the successful short sale of your home.  It will effect how quickly your lender processes your short sale.  It will also be a consideration in whether your lender willingly forgives you from the deficiency balance left after the short sale.

Whatever your reasons for selling your Bay Village home on a short sale my job is to assist you in crafting a hardship package that is both truthful and persuasive.  You never want to make up your hardship. Fox news did a report on a women who allegedly faked her sons death and lied about several other hardships in order to get what she wanted from her lender.  She is now facing more than eviction from her foreclosed home.  She is facing criminal charges.  When panic sets in it really helps to have someone who has been there a thousand time that can help you through a hard time.

If you are looking looking for a Bay Village Ohio short sale Realtor, a Bay Village Ohio short sale expert, a Bay Village Oh short sale agent or a Bay Village Ohio short sale specialist look no further.  Just call me at 216-324-6637.


Andy Morris is an Ohio real estate broker with an expertise in selling homes on a short sale. If your Ohio home is heading towards foreclosure or you owe more than your property is worth, please call Andy at 888-4-STOP-IT to see if you qualify for a short sale with your lender. Are you not in the North Eastern Ohio area? His team can negotiate short sales across the United States.

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