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Treasury Makes Big Changes to HAFA - Are you now eligible?

Exciting news regarding HAFA Requirments! Just last week the Treasury made some big changes:

  • HAFA no longer requires that servicers verify the borrowers finances
  • HAFA no longer requires servicers to determine if the borrowers monthly payment is higher than a 31 percent debt-to-income ratio.
  • HAFA no longer requires second-lien holders to agree to accept 6 percent of the unpaid principal balance owed them, up to $6,000. Servicers now decide who gets paid how much, with a cap still at $6000.
  • HAFA now requires borrowers seeking a short sale get an answer/agreement within 30 days.

With the much relaxed regulations on HAFA, now might be a good time to do a HAFA short sale. Click on the large button below or go to for HAFA qualification where ever you are in the US.

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