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Get Foreclosure Help From the Cleveland Fed?

Stop foreclosure with resources from the Cleveland Fed

You should investigate every resource you can that can assist you. If however you can't afford your house one solution maybe to sell it on a short sale. Andy Morris can guide and assist you with from start to finish with a short sale. Call his cell at 216-324-6637.

I’m no fan of the Federal Reserve Bank.  This institution in my mind is at least partially responsible for many of the financial problems we have today.  However if they offer to help burdened consumers to the level that they follow through I am all for that.  Not to mention that a privately owned company with nearly total authority over our economy with little accountability is always a bad thing.  Especially if they control the economy that you live and work in.

Consumers are burdened by debt that was handed out like candy by a banking system enabled to do so via the Federal Reserve Bank.  Of course to correct it the Cleveland Federal Reserve has brought together a grouping of resources on their website for folks in foreclosure. Not sure how much it will help but it doesn’t hurt to check out the link.  There are links to the HUD counselors page and to the HOPENOW initiative two resources that most struggling homeowners should consider.  It also has links to helpful information like how to avoid a loan modification scam.  I don’t know about you but when but last time I was hard up I went looking to around for articles on how avoid being scammed.  I don’t know how much good these will do but they are better than nothing.

The Federal Reserve also claims to be help address the foreclosure crisis by doing the following:

  • including revisions to the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act regulations
  • ongoing data analysis and research
  • regional information-sharing forums
  • online resource center offers resources for consumers and community development


Andy Morris is an Ohio real estate broker with an expertise in selling homes on a short sale. If your Ohio home is heading towards foreclosure or you owe more than your property is worth, please call Andy at 888-4-STOP-IT to see if you qualify for a short sale with your lender. Are you not in the North Eastern Ohio area? His team can negotiate short sales across the United States.

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