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Fixing Credit After A Northeast OH Short Sale Step 7: The Waiting Period

Northeast OH – The next step in the process of getting a cleaned up credit report, is the one that takes the least effort, but the most patience: WAITING.

You’ve done your part to get the ball rolling, and now the credit reporting companies have to do their part.

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What happens during this phase is that the credit reporting agencies have 30 days to investigate.

I use the term loosely here because the methodology that they use is not very investigatory. They take the claims and whittle the dispute down to a 2 digit code that gets checked against a reporting database called eOscar for verification.

They are afforded 30 days to do this step, unless the person disputing has gotten their credit report from which allows them to take 45 days to check out your dispute (remember back in an earlier step where this was discussed – this isn’t the site to get your credit from!.)

While you wait, remember that whatever your credit score was before you began this process, you should be doing things now to improve it.

What I mean by this is that while waiting for the history part of your credit report to be cleaned up, you work on the future of the credit report. Take action now to build a better situation.

First, keep your report clean from this moment forward. Don’t tarnish it beginning now. Do not have a single late payment – pay your bills on time.

I know, it’s easier said than done, but it will be important in your future that you did this today. Don’t have any new collection accounts or charge offs.

Don’t, REALLY don’t, get new inquiries on your credit report – this means don’t open any new credit cards, store charge cards. No applying for everything that sounds like a good idea.

Don’t close any open credit cards. Pay off the credit card – yes, but close out the account – no. Keep this length of history long on your report.

And, just wait. The 30 days for the credit bureau investigation will fly by. Once their 30 days is up, they have 5 additional days to provide you with their findings.

If anything in their investigation was not verifiable, that item is required to be removed from your credit report. They will also send you an updated credit report.

So, watch for their letter to you in your mailbox after you complete the WAITING step.

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

Andy is a Real Estate Broker at Realty Trust Services. Northeast OH Short Sales Realtor:

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