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Fixing Credit After A Northeast OH Short Sale Step 2: Analyzing Your Credit Report

Northeast OH – Once you have gotten your credit report, the next step in the process of restoring your credit score is to go over it with a critical eye. Analyze what the report says.

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Put aside any emotion that looking at the report might stir up – you need to look at it objectively.

First, make two copies of your credit report. Save the original without any marks on it. You can make any notes you need on one of the copies, and put the other copy aside for a later step.

Your credit report will show all sorts of history on your credit accounts. Look for all the negative items on your credit report and highlight each one.

The credit reporting firms might not make it easy for you to know what they are considering negative with all the codes they use.

As a very general rule, Experian notes negative items with an asterisk or an inquiry; Equifax and TransUnion put “>>>” as a way to signal negative items or items that have a rating higher than l1, M1, or R1.

You can also look for these words: repossession, foreclosure, profit and loss write-off, charge-off, paid profit and loss write-off, paid charge off, settled, settled for less than full balance, included in bankruptcy, collection amounts.

Paid, unpaid (or anything indicating payment history); court accounts, liens, judgments, bankruptcy (chapters 11,7, or 13) divorce, satisfied liens, or satisfied judgments; or items that show more than 30, 60, or 90 day payments. All of these should get highlighted by you.

Once you’ve highlighted anything that is listed as negative, take out a pencil and put a note next to the items that are either inaccurate or inconsistent. Inaccurate items are the ones that aren’t yours, or show the wrong balance, etc.

An inconsistent reporting is where the same information on the report contradicts itself somewhere else. For example, showing one place that there are twelve 31-day-lates on an account, while also saying that the account was only reviewed for 4 months.

It is always surprising how often there are errors like that found on credit reports. Remember – there’s a whole lot of information being submitted each day to these companies, and mistakes can happen.

The next step will be important to take as soon as you finish highlighting your report. You will need to move quickly through these first few steps – your timing is all tracked and it’s important for you to be diligent so that your credit can be restored.

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Thanks for reading this, Andy Morris.

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