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First time home buyer tax credit extended to April 30th 2011 for a select few!

Are you a member of the armed forces and recently called to serve over seas? You may qualify to purchase an Ohio short sale and get $8000 back. Call 216-324-6637.

We were all told that the cut off for the first time home buyer tax credit was April 30th 2010. What most of us did not know however is that for some Americans this is not the case.

Specifically this opportunity has been extended to members of the armed forces or other federal employees who were in qualified official extended duty during the period starting Dec. 31, 2008, and ending before May 1, 2010. Interestingly enough this duty is not required to be foreign duty. It must be a minumum of a 90 day stretch of either of the following:
1. duty 50 miles away from the tax payers principal residence or
2. residing under government orders in government quarters

There are are more benefits to tax payers that fall in this category including the ability to resell even in the first year of ownership home you purchased with out having to give the money back. Get more information on the extended home buyer tax credit at

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