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Don't use a short sale specialist to market your Avon Ohio luxury home.

Do you have a luxury home in Avon Ohio or other North Eastern Ohio area. Is it not selling because you don't have enough equity to price it properly. Depending on your situation a strategic short sale with an experienced and caring short sale professional might be your best option. Call Andy at 216-324-6637


Am I really saying don’t retain a short sale specialist to market your luxury home if you owe more than market value on your luxury home?

Yes… and no.

In this difficult market you want your home to sell for top value, even if your lender will be taking the loss on the short sale and not you. It may be that top value in this market feels like bargain basement value when you compare it to yesterdays prices, however realistically if you need to sell today you will get no better than todays value for your home.

You do want to have marketing however that exquisitely communicates the unique benefits to your unique home. The marketing needs to go far and wide and the message has to be right for the home. To have such marketing won’t guarantee a sale at the price you want necessarily but having this marketing in place will help you to feel confident that market feedback in terms of showings and offers (or lack there of) will actually give you accurate input as to what you should have your home listed at and doesn’t simply reflect on poor marketing on the part of your real estate agent.

A case in point is the following:

I have a listing that I advised my client would likely sell for about $120,000 below what he had purchased it for 3 years ago brand new. This home was an elegant custom home with upgrades to die for and some very desired green building features. We did however agree to list the home $80,000 above that number.

I did everything in my power to market this home to the widest market possible:

We upgraded the listing to a showcase listing on There were 9726 views of home there.

Using we had over 6,300 people view the home.

We ran ads. The ads showed more than 523,000 times and garnered more than 275 clicks to the property.

We also used a listing platform called that syndicates to many other sites and has some other special features to generate traffic. We were successful on getting 810 people to come visit our realbird single property website.

In addition to this I had a proffessional housing photographer, photograph his home and create a 360 degree virtual tour and branded marketing website including a professional voice over to show case the home.

I also set up google so that any search for something in Avon Ohio would show an ad for for the home.

All of this is of course is in addition to active MLS exposure and a premium reflective sign which includes with exclusive home showcase website along with a toll free buyer capture system.

This marketing generated a lot of foot traffic to the home but no one was willing to purchase the home because at the prices listed they were able to find something that better met there needs and wants. 6 months later we have finally lowered the price to near where it needs to be (what I said in the first place) to sell and there should be a sale soon.  I just recieved a call from another Realtor who expects to have a valuable offer to us soon to submit to the lender.

See yesterdays post as to why sometimes it is actually beneficial to not sell your short sale right away. For this Ohio luxury home seller it worked out rather well because Bank of America has not moved to foreclose and the seller hasn’t made any payments during this time.  Because foreclosure has not been filed we have at least a year if necessary to sell the property until sheriff sale and foreclosure.

So don’t just use any short sale specialist to sell your Avon Ohio luxury home. Don’t use any luxury marketing specialist to sell your Avon Ohio luxury home. Make sure you work with someone that has the skill, care and knowledge to guide you through both selling your Avon Ohio luxury home on a short sale and doing it at the highest price using the best the best over all strategy for your special needs as a person.
Andy Morris is an Ohio real estate broker with an expertise in selling homes on a short sale. If your Ohio luxury home is heading towards foreclosure or you owe more than your property is worth, please call Andy at 888-4-STOP-IT to see if you qualify for a short sale with your lender. Are you not in the North Eastern Ohio area? His team can negotiate short sales across the United States.

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