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Audit the Federal Reserve

Is our money system a house of cards? We need to audit the Federal Rserve because I won't be able to sell this house on a short sale.

I have watched everything happening in our economy.  I don’t have our economy all figured out.  I can say that it appears the U.S.A. inspite of it’s economic woes is extremely, extremely prosperous when you compare it to many other countries. Everyone living in this nation  should feel blessed to have experienced a economic prosperity like no place in history has experienced.

The Federal Reserve bank has played a part in both our ups and our downs since it’s inception in 1913.  It is a private bank and there is little to no oversight over the Fed as plays a huge part in our economy.  We all know that secrecy allows for corruption.  True transparency can help avoid corruption.  We have seen massive issues with the GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as the total lack of oversight on these behomoth’s gave birth to fraudulent accounting on a scale we can’t even comprehend.  Yet the Federal Reserve that essentially makes our money won’t let us in on their balance sheets.  The public is not smart enough to understand all this I suppose.  I think they are smart enough.  More likely they don’t want to be caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

I am not an expert on this admittedly.  I do have an interest in transparency… especially with a private institution that reaches into every aspect of Americas financial well being.  Many people are predicting a callapse of the dollar.  I don’t know enough to predict such things.  However it certainly worries me that a few people have such massive control over the dollars I already have in my bank account.   Many have blamed the policies of the Fed for creating our current so called economic woes.  Again I don’t know what part they played.  But before we give them even more unchecked power they need an audit.

Ron Paul nearly succeeded in including an audit the Fed provision in recent bill but then congress removed it. Reuters reports:

The Federal Reserve scored a political victory on Wednesday as Democrats mulling financial reform backed off measures that would expose monetary policy to audits and make the head of the New York Fed a political appointee.

The Federal Reserve “won” at your and mine’s expense.  The article quotes Charles Lieberman a former New York Fed official as saying:

Anything that makes the Federal Reserve more political or subject to political review is I think a step backwards

To that I say there is already subjective political review.  I agree we don’t need anymore of that.  Lets just get a black and white financial review so that we can objectively evaluate the job the Fed has done and if there is any corruption (which I feel would be impossible not to have with the way it was set up) then we root it out.

I happen to be a registered Republican but am disenfranchised on the two faced one world order, zero value Republicans who try to act like me to get my votes but are really just total frauds.  I wanted to make this clear because I don’t hate the other side or view it as Republicans vs Democrats.  This is people who don’t care about our country and only care about their own power vs the people who actually have stake in this country and care about what happens.  In this case you have congress who has complete power to regulate the Federal Reserve not even taking basic precautions to create a check on the most powerful orginization… maybe in the world… atleast regarding finances.

Here I am a short sale blogger writing about this.  Probably I shouldn’t be writing about it.  I should just be glad about all the foreclosures so I can make money on short sales as everyone loses their home because the Federal Reserve finally caused our money to collapse.  That doesn’t make me glad.  It makes me very sad.  If our economy improved there are so many ways for me to make money in real estate.  I don’t need to sell homes on a short sale.  I simply want a solution.  It saddens me that there are are only a couple advocates in congress that actually care about protecting the people and Ron Paul happens to be one of them.
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