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Another Common Northeast Ohio Short Sale Myth: The Foreclosure Process Goes So Fast That I Don’t Have Time To Short Sale

North East Oho Short Sale ExpirationNortheast OH – The Stop foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Susan about short sales. Here was Susan’s Question.

“My home is scheduled to be going on the courthouse steps in about 2 months. I had thought about short selling, but a friend told me I wouldn’t have enough time to do it.

Because of that I didn’t pursue a short sale earlier. Recently I decided to look into it further. It looks like a good option compared to foreclosure. My question is this.

Do I have enough time to short sale my house, or is the foreclosure already too far along? Please let me know. Sincerely, Susan.”

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Here was our answer. Susan, we can still help you with a short sale. Most lenders will postpone a foreclosure when a short sale offer is in place. Yes, a short sale usually takes 2-6 months to process.

However, many lenders will postpone the sale while a short sale is in the works. In addition, some short sales go faster than the normal 2-6 months.

If your lender owns you loan in house, then the decision maker will be easy to reach. They can approve or deny the short sale in a matter of a week or two.

So, please let us help you. We have a good success rate even when the foreclosure process has already been started. As you well know, a short sale beats a foreclosure because you can buy another home much sooner.

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